Graf's Rest

"You're Sitting in a Tavern"

Reefside Rumble

On the shores of the Glassen Coast rests the small village of Reefside; four strangers sit a communal table on the patio of The Seaside Shanty; a bustling, overcrowded tavern overlooking a busy wharf where cargo ships are loading and unloading their wares of spices, cattle, lumber, metals and other goods for transport to the mainland or out across the sea.

A man in bright armor, bearing a shield with a symbol of Bahamut emblazoned on it sits at one edge of the table, a small goblin with a warhammer within reach eyes the man suspiciously from across the table, stroking the fur of his pet dwarf rat. A half-elf with a lute at her side sits to the right of the goblin and briefly considers gathering coin from the drunken crowd of sailors in the tavern with a performance. Across from her an elf with an ornate staff that looks as if it were grown and plucked from the forest, eyes the dwarf rat and briefly considers gathering the it from the goblin.

A lithe sea-elf waitress sporting a half-clamshell nametag inscribed with "Reeda" approaches the table, "Whaddya all having?" she says, the strangers look nervous.

They settle on a round of drinks; mugs of Portside Ale all around and the human orders two. "I'm a Paladin you see, I can get dangerously drunk then just heal the alcohol poisoning from my system." the goblin sniffs derisively at his comment; "Ye might be able to best a couple'o ales, but ye aren't strong enough ta best me" he says, slamming his small but strong looking arm on the table, hand upwards and palm open in challenge. "Oh yeah?!" the Paladin exclaims, grasping the goblin's hand across the table, accepting the arm wrestling challenge! They strain with all their might, but the goblin, full of some unknown primal fury bests the Paladin, slamming his hand down on the table painfully. The goblin smirks as the paladin grimaces and explains; "Ima Barbarian. Tests'o strength are what I live fer."

Reeda approaches once again, carrying a tray full of drinks and hands them out one by one with two landing in front of the Paladin, she notices him glaring daggers at the goblin flexing his arm and says "I can see you've all gotten acquainted, there's nothing better than sunshine near a quiet coast, a cold drink and good company." She smiles broadly as everyone seems to agree, The half-elf picks up her lute and quietly strums a seafaring tune while enjoying their ale. Another drink order is called out by the barman, "Enjoy!" Reeda says before heading back inside the rowdy tavern.

The elf looks intently at the goblin's dwarf rat and catches its gaze, using a short call and a beckoning gesture, the rat decides to leap from the goblin's shoulder (much to his surprise) and goes to the her. Everyone at the table looks at her for an explanation, watching this fiercely loyal rat betray his master for a complete stranger. "Errr.. I'm a Druid.. I have a natural affinity for animals." everyone nods, and even the goblin seems okay, knowing his friend won't be harmed.

They cast their eyes upon the half-elf, still strumming out a seafaring tune, they stare intently for a moment before she notices and she stops her song momentarily, "I'm a Bard.. obviously" and they all nod, as she picks up her tune again without missing a beat.

"So.." the Paladin says "Hi.. I'm Solem." and nods to the group.

"I be Gritz!" the Barbarian exclaims with a broad, toothy smile, "He's ma best frien', Marrow" he says pointing at the dwarf rat. It sighs and rests in the palm of the druid's hand.

"Lavernica." the Bard states, nodding rhythmically.

"I'm Rinn." the Druid says softly, petting the dwarf rat who is thoroughly enjoying the attention.

A round of drinks are shared, friendly words are exchanged and laughs are had in good company, until Marrow suddenly jumps from Rinn's hand and promptly returns to his master almost instinctively knowing that there is trouble brewing.

From their spot on the patio, the group sees a crowd of people have gathered near a bustling pier, unable to see what's going on from where they sit, the Paladin says to the others "I'm going to go see what's happening.. This round of drinks are on me." and lays down a gold piece on the table, leaving hefty tip for Reeda and taking his second mug of ale with him.

The group travel to the pier, following the Paladin who brusquely pushes his way to the front of the crowd, where two merchants are engaged in a heated argument. The dock behind them is choked with cargo boxes and cattle, chickens run back and forth, pigs mill about boxes and, sheep bustle between cargo and a lone cow moo's solemnly, distressed by the cramped quarters.

"Get your stinking animals out of the way, I have fragile glassware that needs to get Graf's Rest immediately. MOVE!" says the merchant on the left, dressed in brighgt red robes and bearing a book with an alchemists seal, he fumes with arrogance.

"I was here first!" says the merchant on the right, dressed in farmhand clothes, sporting a straw hat and a bad attitude he yells; "If you'd just move your damned boxes, my cattle would unload themselves! GET YOUR BOXES OUT OF THE WAY!"

"Whoa whoa whoa. Calm your tits." Lavernica says, approaching the two "How about we solve this non-violently? I'll hire some hands here from this crowd to move the boxes, you get your cattle unloaded and you get extra hands to load your shit. It's a win win for everyone." the merchants look at her unexpectedly, they look confused for a moment but can't argue with the reason in this plan and both agree, noticing the crowd that's gathered around them.

"Here, I've got a copper piece for each hand that volunteers to help." she holds up a few coins and a trio dock workers on their break as well as the Paladin take up her offer, they start their work, moving boxes out of the way for the cattle, Solem deftly moves boxes with one hand and sips Portside Ale with the other.

The alchemist does not look pleased with the way people are handling his glassware roughly, he's distracted watching the workers move his boxes and the cattle farmer can't resist this opportunity to take a jab at him; he rears back, gathering phlegm in his throat and spits on the alchemists bright red robe! unfortunately, the alchemist turns at just the right moment to see the gooey package land directly on his left calf.

"Why you..!" the alchemist yells with rage, before he has a chance to let his cooler thoughts prevail, he lashes out and kicks a sheep near him! "BLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAHHHHHGGHH!!" sheep squeals in pain, moving erratically and crashing into boxes and crunching glassware beneath him; this causes chain panic and the other animals start to knock boxes off the edge or also crash into them in absolute mayhem!

The crowd roars with laughter, watching the animals go berserk on the alchemist's cargo, leaving no box unbroken and running further into the docks. The laughter is short lived as it turns to terror; a few of the animals covered with multicolored splotches of liquid on their fur are first outlined in a faint green glow.

"OH GODS NO!" yells the alchemist. Solem, moves to him and grabs him by the cuff of his robe and takes on an intimidating tone; "What the fuck was in your cargo!?" the alchemist shrinks and stammers out a panicked reply: "M-m-magical enhancement p-potions!"

As if on cue, the some of the animals begin to mutate; the kicked sheep's muscles undulate, grow and expand; a chicken belches flame, a pig starts to hover and squeal, the lone cow's neck snaps painfully to the side and from its neck grows another, identical head with a murderous look in its eyes! The sheep, now standing 12 feet tall on its hind legs, uses its newfound hands and muscled arms to break off a nearby oil-fed lightpost, and hefts it in its hands menacingly approaching the alchemist!

The four draw their weapons and ready themselves as the crowd disperses.

Rinn reacts the fastest; drawing her shortbow and taking a shot at the firebreathing chicken before it has a chance to respond, her strike rings true and the feathered fiend is struck in the side as it attempts to duck behind boxes!

The sheep advances on the alchemist, "Watch out!" Solem yells, moving to the his side and raising his shield, distracting the ensorceled cattle well enough to direct it's attention to him, he nimbly dodges a blow and the sheep only cleaves the dock with its improvised club. returning the favour, Solem rips into the sheep's loins with his trusty warpick; ripping more than wool on his return, the giant sheep squeals in pain and sets its eyes on him with anger.

The cow looks confused for a moment as the heads bicker, mooing back and forth erratically when it suddenly charges and catches Gritz off guard! Goring him with its mutated horns and leaving a nasty wound gaping on his midsection. "AUGH! BLOODY ANIMAL!" Gritz says with murder in his eyes "Th' cow is mine!" he yells, kipping up from a nearby stack of boxes onto the beast's back, and bringing down his warhammer hard on the angry head, smashing its skull open in a gooey mess!

The chicken returns with a vengeance, moving to attack Rinn with its flaming beak, but it misjudges its step and its leg falls through a crack in the docks! Rinn wastes takes this perfect opportunity to snuffing out the chicken's flame with the end of her quarterstaff.

The pig makes a threatening lunge for Lavernica from on high, diving at her with its full body weight but telegraphing it's trajectory far too early; the nimble bard steps out of the way with ease. She wastes no time immediately the earthbound pig, skewering the living ham steak with her rapier, cutting into it's back bacon deeply. It lashes back at her, biting down hard on her leg, she wriggles free with one less boot! "Your mother was tasty!!" She yells in retort, lacing her insult with vicious bardic magic and causing the pig's brain to explode inside it's skull! it slumps to the dock dead as Lavernica re-boots her damaged leg.

Solem and the sheep trade blows; the sheep clubs him hard, striking his shield with it's full force and causing the Paladin to both grunt in pain and lose the drink he'd been holding behind his shield. He gets his revenge however; dropping his shield to the ground and releasing the clasp on the greatsword strapped to his back, he jumps and separates the sheeps body into two clean halves down the middle.

Gritz roars with rage as he attempts to bring his hammer down again as the once-again single-headed cow tries to buck him off its back, but he misses and holds on to the bucking hefer with all his might. Rinn flings a bolt of flame produced from her open palm into the Cow's eyes and blinds the beast! she attempts to demoralize the cow by using the dead body of the pig nearby as a weapon, smacking it broadly in the face but only disorienting the cow further. Gritz takes the opportunity to end the beast's pained mooing with his warhammer once again, bringing it down onto it's skull with a loud crack. He dismounts the felled beast nimbly with an expert backflip onto the nearby boxes, nearby he spots a glint of glass, paper and leather out of the corner of his eye.

The four see that none of the other animals have turned violent and stow their weapons, breathing a sigh of relief and turning their attention to healing the wounds sustained in battle with radiant energy. The farmer returns first to the scene, with the crowd not far behind.

"MY ANIMALS!!" the farmer exclaims "Bo..! Gerry..! Anabelle.. Macon.. Oh god Macon.. YOU MONSTERS THEY WERE SIMPLE CATTLE! Now they're not even worth the meat.." he cries softly, mourning the loss of his stock. From behind boxes, he hears soft clucking. "Clucky?! is that you??" A fully grown chicken the size of a mouse appears and the farmer runs after it.

The crowd runs up, headed by Reeda, who approaches with a look of awe "WOW! that sure was some fighting! I haven't seen moves like that since the last time the King's Crestaward Guard were in a tavern brawl with pirates! a bunch of heroes like yourself must have a name, right?"

The four exchange glances, searching for the right words to say. Solem steps up, raising his fist in the air and exclaiming "We're the Mythslayers!" The crowd cheers and chants the name, praising the heroes!



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